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If you want to read the whole paper a Xerox copy can be ordered via credit card by calling1-800-321-4039. Papers are $10 each.  You may also list the ID# on your Order Form and mail or fax it to us.  Example - 1, 5, 9-11, 27, 27-A, and so on. As new papers come into print they will be added to the list.

Index of Papers

These are Dr. Comings' papers that are relevant to Tourette syndrome, ADHD, genetics of behavior and related disorders. You can scroll down the page to read the titles. The abstracts of the articles that are of interest to you can be seen by clicking on the word "ABSTRACT" just below the article listing. Or you may go to the abstract pages via the abstract pages links at the bottom of this page.


Abstract Pages Links

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