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Did Man Create God?

By: David E. Comings, M.D.

Did Man Create God?

This book is intended for all inquisitive readers who are interested in why humans are such a spiritual species; whether Intelligent Design is a valid alternative to Darwinian evolution; whether our sacred books were written by man or by God; whether God Created Man or Man Created God; whether man made up the theory of God as our creator and protector; and whether our rational thinking brain can live in peace with our spiritual brain.

If you treasure your spirituality but have ever questioned any part of your faith or religion, this book is for you. It is written for those who are spiritual but would like answers to their doubting questions. It explores the possibility that our rational brain created God to satisfy the transcendent yearnings of our spiritual brain and that man wrote all the sacred books.

Unlike some recent books that call for the end of faith and religion, this book proposes that spirituality is genetically hardwired into a specific part of the brain, is pleasurable, is critical to the evolution and survival of man, and will never go away. It strives to allow readers to develop a rational spirituality in which the fact-based rational brain and the faith-based spiritual brain can live in peace. Intolerance, wars and terrorism based on religion make the assumption that one personís God is better than anotherís and that the sacred books are the literal word of God. A rational spirituality illustrates the fallacy of these assumptions and allows individuals of all religions to live in peace.

Table of Contents

Introduction Review of the seven parts of the book
Part I. Evolution
Chapter 1 The Evolution of Evolution
Chapter 2 The Tree of Life
Part II. Intelligent Answers to Intelligent Design
Chapter 3 The Cambrian Explosion
Chapter 4 Does the Cambrian Explosion Disprove Darwin's Theory?
Chapter 5 No Intermediate Fossils Anywhere?
Chapter 6 Not Enough Time?
Chapter 7 Complexity Introduction
Chapter 8 Complexity - Eyes
Chapter 9 Complexity - Ears
Chapter 10 Complexity - Citric Acid Cycle
Chapter 11 Complexity - Blood Clotting
Chapter 12 Complexity - Cilia
Chapter 13 Complexity - Flagella
Chapter 14 Evolution Now: Introduction
Chapter 15 Evolution Now: The Peppered Moth and Industrial Melanism
Chapter 16 Evolution Now: Darwin's Finches
Chapter 17 The Evolution of Man
Chapter 18 The Origin of Life
Chapter 19 Evolution: Conclusions
Part III. Cosmology
Chapter 20 Quantum Physics
Chapter 21 The Big Bang
Chapter 22 String Theory: A Cosmic Symphony
Chapter 23 The Anthropic Principle
Chapter 24 Cosmology and Spirituality
Part IV. The Neurology of Reason and Spirituality
Chapter 25 Consciousness, the Spirit, and the Soul
Chapter 26 The Frontal Lobes
Chapter 27 The Pleasure Brain
Chapter 28 The Social Brain
Chapter 29 The Rational Brain
Chapter 30 The Spiritual Brain
Chpater 31 The Meditating Brain
Chapter 32 The Hopeful Brain
Chapter 33 The Happiness Brain
Chapter 34 The Biology of Faith versus Reason
Chapter 35 Neurology: Summary
Part V. The Genetics of Reason and Spirituality
Chapter 36 Polygenic Inheritance
Chapter 37 The Genetics of Bad Behavior
Chapter 38 The Genetics of Good Behavior
Chapter 39 The Genetics of Reason
Chapter 40 The Genetics of Spirituality
Part VI. Natural Selection
Chapter 41 The Evolution of Intelligence
Chapter 42 The Evolution of Spirituality
Part VII. Other Aspects of Spirituality and Reason
Chapter 43 The Origins of Religion
Chapter 44 Mysticism
Chapter 45 Myth and Ritual
Chapter 46 Psychedelics and Religion
Chapter 47 Does God Play Favorites?
Chapter 48 The Evils of Religion
Chapter 49 The Benefits of Religion
Chapter 50 The Problem of Evil
Chapter 51 Are the Sacred Books Literally True?
Chapter 52 Is God Dead? Ask the Pentcostals
Part VIII. Summary Did Man Create God?
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What Reviewers Have Said

" The scientific attempt to explain religion has been around for over a century, but only recently has it exploded onto the cultural scene with the renewed interest in the relationship of science and religion, and particularly with the advances in the neurosciences. It now appears that we are getting close to understanding what is going on inside the religious mind, and David Comings has written a remarkable analysis, that includes the most detailed and up-to-date science ever generated on the subject of religion. Did Man Create God? will be the definitive scientific reference on religion for some time to come. "

Michael Shermer, Publisher of "Skeptic magazine", Monthly columnist for "Scientific American", and the author of "Why Darwin Matters", "The Science of Good and Evil", and "How We Believe"

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